Connect effortlessly with your students with cloud based training tools.

A Connected Classroom

Athena allows teachers, coaches and trainers to create and then easily manage their classrooms, assignments and students. Just define what the requirements for a lesson are, upload any supporting documents, and send it off!

Whether you deal with 1-on-1 interactions, or groups over 100, Athena has been designed to connect with your learners in personal and meaningful ways.

No distance too far

With a constant connection to the cloud, your learner's assignments, including their file uploads, are available anywhere, anytime. Similarily, when they receive new assignments, they are instantly notified.

Coaches are alerted when new assignments have been completed, and can log-in from any browser to evaluate the work.

Track Progress

Athena's class and individual reporting capabilities makes it easy to identify how learners and coaches are performing. Identify students who are struggling or not keeping up with assignments allowing instructors to provide follow-up help.


Voice and video is the best way often to help learners or see how they are doing. Our mobile application makes it easy for your students to submit recordings and for you to annotate and/or comment on them to provide direct feedback.

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