Use your existing workforce to provide you with ground-level retail intelligence.

Start with the questions

EasyCheck allows you to push simple surveys our to your staff in the field. With our easy to use mobile app, your staff will know exactly which surverys to answer in which store and won't waste anytime fiddling with pen and paper.

Creating surveys is simple: You just choose a data type like the ones below, and then customize a question for it.

Then collect your data

The results are immediate. As soon as a team member completes a task, the data is compiled and summarized into our analytics dashboard.

Using your Workforce

A core benefit of using easycheck is that it leverages your existing workforce. No need to pay for secret shoppers or crowd sourced data. Your employees in the field can provide feedback faster and more accurately.

Because the data colletion is distributed, EasyCheck scales with ease, from servicing small businesses to multinational brands.

For Every Screen

From your in-field staff to upper management, EasyCheck provides the right data to the right person on the right screen.

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