KN Beacon

Provide hyper-local alerts and notifications to your consumers, while gathering essential data about your consumers in-store behaviour.

Bring contextual awareness to YOUR app!

KN Beacon’s IOS and Android SDK works out of the box with beacons from any manufacturer and allows you to easily integrate complete context aware experiences into your existing mobile app.




With bluetooth low energy KN Beacon can be integrated into your Android application to recieve contextually relevant information from nearby beacons.

iBeacon can push alerts to iOS devices even if users don't have your application running!

Augmented Reality image triggers can be used for devices that don't support Bluetooth or NFC technologies, and can be used for rich media experiences to show visualizations in situation.

Our Hardware


  • High powered antenna allowing a wider coverage and greater accuracy.
  • Long life replaceable battery with an option of rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Optimal hardware settings come pre configured.
  • Certified iBeacon™ compatible and ready for deployment at scale.


  • Rechargeable lithium battery, or micro usb powered.
  • Up to 16gb memory for offline storage while operating with no network connection. WiFi enabled.
  • Direct communication to our platform.
  • Increased range and accuracy over our droplet beacons.
  • Bi-directional communication, allows us to communicate directly with the users device.
  • Device is not required to have Bluetooth on to collect analytics.

Customized messaging

Using our management application, it is easy to edit and update the business rules for when a message should be sent to a consumer. Let KN Beacon handle all the hardware interaction while you just need to think about what experiences you want your consumers to have.

Industry First:
Beacon Syndication

Allow partners or sponsors to sign-in on accounts restricted to specific beacons, thus enabling them to edit and adjust messaging on beacons that they have paid for.

Set up your beacons, manage content and track customer data

Leverage our proprietary automated deployment strategy to build out your beacon enabled network throughout your physical locations. Configure and manage your fleet of beacons centrally from our cloud management platform. Monitor and receive notices of battery levels across your beacon deployments.

For retail and beyond


Promoting new products, rewarding customer loyalty, and tracking consumer behaviour: KN beacon helps retailers of all sizes connect with their consumers.

Events and Venues

Help your attendees get situated and make them aware of amenities and specials nearby. KN beacon will have them navigating your event with ease.


Allow medical professionals to instantly pull up records and other patient information just by entering the room.

About KloudNation and KN Beacon

KloudNation is a mobile focussed technology company working with some of the world’s most iconic brands. KN Beacon begins with a unique and patent pending hybridized hyper-local abstraction layer, that allows you to use any combination of different beacon types.

Turn-key white label apps are available and already enabled for all hyper-local and experience triggering technologies, with a Software Developer Kit (SDK) coming soon.

Companies who embrace this powerful technology will suddenly be faced with managing hundreds and thousands of new tiny beacons. Don’t worry, we thought of that too! Our mobile EasyCheck solution allows you to leverage existing staff to easily audit locations around the world

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